The Little GREEN Machine

Massive many-core supercomputer at low environmental cost

The Little Green Machine (LGM) supercomputer is a Beowulf cluster composed of off-the-shelf hardware and contains many-core Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) which offer tremendous amounts of computational power at a relative low price and energy ratio.
The machine will be built as part of the DAS4 project.

The initiators of this supercomputer are:

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Inmemoriam Lex Wolters (28 October 1958 -- 6 March 2012)

It is with great sadness that we heard about the rather sudden death of Lex Wolters. He was one of the most inspiring computational researchers at the Universiteit Leiden, and one of the driving forces behind LGM. Regretfully he has not been able to enjoy his creation. We will remember Lex as friend and a colleague who was always prepared for a beer while discussing Japanese culture and high performance parallel algorithms. We will miss him dearly. We wish his family all the best in these difficult times.
Lex Wolters

The machine is funded by: